Dottss 2021 Professors and Participants

Doctoral and Teacher-Training Translation Studies Summer School (DOTTSS) is a joint initiative of 5 different universities: University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), University of Turku (Finland), University of Tampere (Finland), University of Granada (Spain) and Boğaziçi University (Turkey). Since 2012 the summer school has hosted doctoral students of TS and teachers of translators and interpreters from all around the world. The first two schools were held in Piran, Slovenia (Emuni 2012, Stridon 2013), the third was in Granada, Spain (Ibn Tibbon 2014), the fourth in Turku, Finland (Agricola 2015), the fifth in Piran, Slovenia (Stridon 2016), the sixth in Granada, Spain (Ibn Tibbon 2017), the seventh in Tampere, Finland (DOTTSS 2018), and the eighth in Ljubljana, Slovenia (Stridon 2019). The ninth summer school will be held in Istanbul, Turkey (Bosphorus 2021). The local organizers add to DOTTSS a name that connects the summer school to a particular translational tradition in the region: the name of the school in Turkey foregrounds the position of Istanbul as a “translational city”, connecting as well as separating continents, cultures and traditions.

Guest Professor 2021: Şebnem Susam Saraeva

Şebnem Susam-Saraeva is a Senior Lecturer in Translation Studies at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, U.K. Her research interests have included gender and translation, retranslations, translation of literary and cultural theories, research methodology in translation studies, internationalization of the discipline, translation and popular music, translation and social movements, and translation and maternal & infant health. She is the author of Translation and Popular Music. Transcultural Intimacy in Turkish-Greek Relations (2015) and Theories on the Move. Translation’s Role in the Travels of Literary Theories (2006), and guest-editor of Translation and Music (2008) and Non-Professionals Translating and Interpreting. Participatory and Engaged Perspectives (2012, with Luis Pérez-González). Beyond the University of Edinburgh, she is the Chair of the ARTIS Steering Committee (Advancing Research in Translation and Interpreting Studies,

Susam-Saraeva’s literary translations into Turkish include Kazuo Ishiguro’s 1989 Booker Prize Winner The Remains of the Day (1993), which went into its 12th reprint in 2019. She is also the winner of PEN Wales Translation Challenge 2017 with her poetry translation from Küçük İskender.

Given the situation with COVID-19, the steering committee and local organizers have decided to hold this year's summer school online. Depending on the circumstances in spring, a hybrid component might be added to the program.

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